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If you’re like most people your new car will be one of your most prized possessions, so it’s important to look after it correctly. This is where a log book service comes in. A log book service generally refers to following a specific schedule of maintenance for your vehicle specified by the manufacturer. This is required to maintain your new car warranty.  

CB Auto Service is here to help! We can maintain your new car exactly as specified by the manufacturer. What’s more our log book service is not only more convenient, but almost more affordable compared to most dealerships. 

Even if your car is outside of warranty having a good service history recorded in your log book will increase the resale value of your vehicle substantially. 

Under consumer protection, you are entitled to have your services performed by any licensed mechanic provided the correct parts are used and the manufacturers scheduled followed.   It’s a myth that you need to have your vehicle serviced at a dealer to maintain your new car warranty.   

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Scarlett RawlinsScarlett Rawlins
06:31 14 Feb 23
Charlie was both friendly and professional. I was able to grab a coffee and bite up the road as he only took 40minutes to service the car. He was great at explaining the issue with the car, even used props. I'll be going back to him in the future!
Jane LowryJane Lowry
04:13 06 Dec 22
Live locally to Charlie and even if I lived 2 hours away I'd still drive all that way for him to service my car. Best guy, super helpful and explains things in detail. Couldn't recommend him enough!
Eva ZukiEva Zuki
23:34 09 Nov 22
I got a service from Charlie at my home address and it was a smooth and professional operation.He was on time, polite, knowledgeable, fair in pricing and efficient.He also didn’t speak down to me regarding my vehicle which does irritate me with some mechanics.I was so happy with the service he provided I’d use him for any future work he’s set up to do and I’d 100% recommend him to anyone.
Cassie HoffCassie Hoff
11:40 09 Nov 22
Charlie was lovely and fit me in with my schedule. Well priced and very quick! As long as I'm the area, I've found myself a new mechanic 😊
Joanne KavanaghJoanne Kavanagh
14:36 07 Sep 22
Fantastic service, fitted me in no problem and was accommodating to my needs on the day, really great communicater and quick to respond. Will definitely be using again. Highly recommended. My car will be around for many years now! Thank you Charlie.
Gadget GirlGadget Girl
11:52 27 Aug 22
I was extremely pleased with how easy it was to get my car serviced at home. The whole process from initial enquiry through to job completion was stress free, relaxing, efficient, friendly and professional. I will definitely get Charlie to do my next car service. Highly recommended.
Joel SmithJoel Smith
08:21 25 Aug 22
The service Charlie gives is excellent.He was very helpful in arranging a time to suit my busy schedule and did a great job serving my Hyundai
Laura JaneLaura Jane
04:08 09 Aug 22
Charlie made what is normally an ordeal for me (sorting out how to get to and from a mechanic, only to be sold a bunch of unnecessary extras) an absolute breeze. Honest, friendly and refreshingly free of BS, Charlie got to it while I sat in a cafe munching on the smashed avo toast I could afford from not going to a big garage franchise.You've got my continued business, mate, and that of the friends and family who I'll be directing your way!
Ann QuinnAnn Quinn
09:45 03 Aug 22
Charlie is a lovely guy, very friendly, reliable and professional. I am delighted to have found him and he will be my ‘go to ‘ mechanic from now on.
Amanda GibbonsAmanda Gibbons
09:59 18 Jul 22
Flexible, reliable and efficient car service from Charlie at CB Auto Service. Was even able to reschedule me dropping the car to him at his home workshop short notice. Would recommend to friends and use his mechanical servicing again. Thanks
Jaye HumJaye Hum
11:33 16 Jul 22
Charlie was good enough to make time to service my car before I drove down south. He was efficient and thorough and reasonably priced. Absolutely recommend CB Auto Service.
Lisa ThornettLisa Thornett
05:23 05 May 22
Hi! Charlie came out to us to attend to an annoying issue with our son's car leaking oil. The problem is still being sorted, but Charlie has been great, offering good old fashioned service that is so hard to come by these days. He is reliable, very thorough, and is keeping us well informed with where he is at with regards to accessing parts etc. We highly recommend his very convenient service.
Jacqueline RogersJacqueline Rogers
09:00 13 Apr 22
If I lived in Perth, Charlie would definitely be my mechanic!. I arrived in Perth with less than 24 hours until I traded in my vehicle and its showing an orange engine code. I felt sick... Even though I never got to meet Charlie, I will be forever grateful for his text messages with very valuable advice. Charlie, I really hope I get to hand over some money to you one day because you are an absolute gem!! When your a tradesman your time is so valuable and you gave me yours for free..... You deserve all the money and customers in the world. I wish there were more people in the world like you. Thank you so much. I love that you love running your own business! You are exactly where you need to be 🙂
Shawn BroShawn Bro
05:45 11 Apr 22
I highly recommend Charlie from CB Auto service. He serviced my car quickly, efficiently, with accuracy and was very polite and professional. He is a great communicator and prices his service realistically. Thanks Charlie, we will use you again for sure!
Erin RedbondErin Redbond
07:19 28 Mar 22
Charlie was great to deal with from the start. Very efficient and effective communication leading up to my mobile service. Arrived on time and was very thorough when servicing my vehicle. Will definitely use CB auto service for all future car services and issues!
Simon CoxSimon Cox
01:34 17 Mar 22
Charlie is a great guy he performed a logbook service on my car, he arrived on time, his work is very clean and meticulous attention to detail. His pricing is comparable to what I’ve been paying at garages. He is happy to show and explain any genuine issues with the car, and can even diagnose and reset your cars computer, something other garages don’t often do. No more missing work or getting a taxi or friend to pick you up, most services are complete in under two hours so you don’t loose your car for the whole day.
Linda BunworthLinda Bunworth
11:13 04 Mar 22
Charlie was very thorough with checking all possible causes to try and find the issue with my Hyundai Elantra. He was great at explaining in layman’s terms what he was doing and what could be the problem. Charlie was very honest when he said he was only 80% sure it was the fuel pump and agreed when I said I’d get a Hyundai Dealer service department to look at it too. Charlie is excellent with communication, including phone calls and answering texts, and also punctual - coming to look at my car at the time he said he would. He’s a trustworthy guy and I’m getting a quote to replace the fuel pump 🙂
Bradley ShawBradley Shaw
09:41 18 Feb 22
Charlie is an awesome mechanic. Super quick to diagnose the intermittent fault I’ve been having with my car for over 2 years. He was happy to share his wealth of knowledge to help me understand the problem too. I highly recommend him.
Mariella SinisMariella Sinis
02:46 12 Feb 22
Charlie was honest, friendly and reliable, arriving exactly at our agreed time. He completed the alternator exchange quickly and efficiently and the cost was exactly what he had quoted. Great service and I would have no hesitation in recommending Charlie at all. Thanks again Charlie for the great service.

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In today's fast-paced world it's often difficult to find the time to take your car to a workshop for servicing and repairs. In most cases you're required to drop off and pickup your car leaving you without a vehicle for the day - even for just routine maintenance. That's where CB Auto Service comes in. As a mobile mechanic we come to your home or office to provide a wide range of services, from oil changes and brake repairs to engine tune-ups - everything needed to keep your car well maintained, safe & reliable.

Best of all as a mobile mechanic we remove the hassle of coordinating your day around dropping off and collecting your car - you’re only without your car whilst it’s being worked on. As a result we can offer a convenient and cost-effective solution for keeping your car in top condition.


What is a log book?

A log book is a physical record of a vehicle’s maintenance history, essentially a car service diary. You’ll find this book in your “book pack” within the vehicle, and sometimes it’s called different things like “Service & Warranty” or “Service Schedule”.

A log book is generally used for two main purposes:

1. To document the service history of the vehicle
2. To outline the scheduled maintenance specified by the manufacturer.

Every new car is supplied with a log book. This is primarily because when the vehicle is under warranty the log book is an essential document to prove the car has been serviced to the specific standards set by the manufacturer, meaning that in the event of a mechanical issue it will help to support a claim that the vehicle has been properly looked after.

Often throughout the life of a car when it is sold and resold the log book may be lost. A log book keeps the resale value of a car high because it's a good document of the complete car service history of the vehicle from new that proves to a potential buyer that it has been looked after correctly throughout its life.

What is a Log Book Service?

When people use the term log book service they are generally referring to a type of car service following the exact schedule of maintenance according to the manufacturer’s specifications. This almost always is associated with new car warranty.

A log book service will be specified to be conducted at a certain time and distance interval - usually in months and KM. The general rule is that a specific car service is required at whichever interval is reached first.

For example, the manufacturer may specify that a log book service is required at 10,000km or 6 months, 20,000KM or 12 months, 30,00KM or 18 months, and so on. What that means is even if you haven’t done 20,000KM but the car is 12 months old you must have your car serviced. Same applies in reverse - if you have completed 20,000Km at say 7 months then you must get your car serviced.

Each of these logbook service intervals will have a list of items that must be inspected, tested, and replaced. This schedule must be followed exactly in order to maintain your new car warranty. The exact service intervals will vary between the manufacturer and the model of the car, and be specified in your log book.

What is included in a log book service?

The exact log book service schedule will vary between the type of vehicle, the exact model, and manufacturer. There is no common set standard that applies to all vehicles. Generally speaking, almost every log book service will involve some of the following items:

  • Safety checks
  • Checking & replacing fluids such as engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, etc
  • Checking & replacing components such as filters, spark plugs, belts, etc

The exact car service schedule will usually be outlined in your log book, and will also be available to the mechanic through various manufacturer information sources.

How much does a log book service cost?

The cost of a log book service depends on what is required by the manufacturer’s schedule. This is made up between the parts required and the time required to complete the service.

There is no one set standard in price that someone can provide for a log book service as they will vary from service to service.
You may have heard the term “capped price servicing” offered by some dealerships.

Generally what this is referring to is the average cost of each log book service over the warranty period. If you see a particularly low number stated against each service keep in mind that the actual cost of the service you pay for on the day can be more or less than that amount. Lots of people have been caught out by this marketing trick.

Who can perform Log Book Service?

Any qualified & licensed mechanic can perform a log book service. As a customer you are not tied to the main dealer to maintain your new car warranty. This is a common misconception and was the subject of an ACCC investigation many years ago, which highlighted that dealers were not allowed to misinform customers.

The ACCC has stated that independent repairers can sign and stamp your logbook, and this will not void your statutory warranty period provided that the repairer is qualified, follows the manufacturer's requirements, and uses products that meet the original specification.

At CB Auto Service we are fully licensed and qualified to conduct any type of log book servicing. We use quality parts that meet or exceed manufacturers' specifications to ensure your new car warranty is not compromised. As a mobile mechanic, we are able to perform mobile log book service at your home or workplace. This makes the process much more convenient.

We are totally upfront and honest about the cost of your log book service, and take the time to look-up the exact parts and procedures required to give you an accurate quote based on exactly what’s needed to keep your car in top condition and fully protected under warranty.

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